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Listing Service 

Since its inception in early 2000, Bill and his team have exemplified a profound commitment to its clients by providing an unparalleled level of service.


Our sales and marketing efforts are supported by our top-of-the-line staff who research the market carefully, create strategically targeted marketing collateral and stand by a commitment to 7-days a week agent availability. All of the rapidly growing the BQ team recognizes the importance of furthering my carefully cultivated reputation for quality, professionalism and – above all – results.


I take great pride in the day to day job of helping my clients, whether it's to find the perfect home or sell at the optimum price. To this day, I always strive to exceed my clients' expectations. 


While the Silicon Valley real estate market has grown enormously in value and complexity over the last decade, my commitment to the needs of its clients has never wavered.


The BQ team is equally well equipped to provide brokerage services to clients wishing to sell property in and around the San Francisco bay area. From luxury condominiums in full-service buildings to historic brick and mortar houses, Bill and his team create a highly customized marketing plan tailored to each property and to each owner. With continual refinement based on both buyer and seller feedback, the BQ team is able to optimize marketing efforts to obtain swift and profitable sales for each individual client, maintaining the leading track record for the highest priced properties, as well as the properties with the highest prices per square foot, throughout many of Bay Area's neighborhoods.


Services Provided:


·    Conduct free comparative market analysis (CMA): this is the process that compares your home to similar homes that have sold recently


·    Create a professional informational brochure/flyer highlighting the key selling points of your home for prospective purchasers


·    Market your property in multiple ways: When marketing your property, I not only rely on the MLS, but also combine it with newspaper ads, and popular websites, such as,,, and many others.


·    Create a virtual tour, with multiple photos of your house online


·    Set a public open house according to your wishes. I generally recommend Saturday and Sunday 2pm-4pm


·    Stage your home inside and out, at no cost to you


·    Help buyers get potential financing: I may set appointments with buyers to discuss any seller-financing options which might attract them


·    Share “Real Life” successful stories of clients I have worked with


Why List with Bill


Pricing is an art

There is often, but not always, a price range. Many factors determine the range, among which are location, the temperature of the market, and improvements in the home. As an experienced real estate agent, Bill can help price your home by reviewing recent selling prices for comparable nearby homes.


Better House Presentation

Staging a home plays a huge role in selling your home. With his extensive experience and deep understanding of the ever-changing real estate market, Bill can make sure to state your open house in the best way possible, at no cost to you.


Pro Marketing Gameplan

Bill is well-acquainted with various marketing strategies that are tried and tested, and can help your property get the most exposure by making use of one. Bill works with professional photographers, video makers, home stagers, attorneys, contractors, and other professionals who can all help you ensure the best sale on your property. Bill will also work on social media marketing and offline marketing for your property to reach the widest market.


Professional Agent Networking

Apart from MLS, Bill’s team integrates many agent networks, including Realtor, Trulia, Zillow, all in one place, so that your property is seen by thousands of other agents of the Real Estate Board of Silicon Valley who have clients who are willing to buy your home.


Savvy Negotiations

Bill can help you negotiate with potential buyers and respond to multiple offers. Once you accept an offer, he will also help manage the scheduling of appraisals, inspections and related tasks before the deal closes. If your goal is to sell your house fast, you'd better off starting with Bill to quickly draw traffic to your home.


Paperwork, loads of it!

The amount of paperwork involved in a real estate transaction is HUGE because of the countless legalities. Bill and his team are trained for this job!  Bill has mastered the timelines, contingencies, language, deadlines, confidentiality, etc, that any given transaction is guaranteed to entail.


Clarifications after Closing

Even if your real estate transaction went as smoothly as possible, there’s a possibility of complications emerging out of nowhere, post-transaction. Things like property tax assessments, invoices getting mixed up, or any other confusion in general or something in particular, can be a major headache. You can fix this with Bill, who will always be ready to assist you.

Bill will do everything in his power for the process to go your way. Happy selling!


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