San Ramon School District

San Ramon is a city in Contra Costa County, California, United States. It is a suburban city of the San Francisco Bay Area, and lies in the San Ramon Valley. San Ramon's population was 72,148 as of the 2010 U.S. Census making it 4th largest city in Contra Costa County.. San Ramon is headquarters of Chevron Corporation and 24-Hour Fitness, the West Coast headquarters of AT&T, as well as home to San Ramon Medical Center. Major annual events include the Art and Wind Festival on Memorial Day weekend, the Fourth of July Picnic and Fireworks Show and the Primo's Run for Education in October. The city is also home to California High School, founded in 1973 and ranked 250th best high school in the United States by Newsweek.

San Ramon Elementary School 2011 API Score
Hidden Hills Elementary School 976
Live Oak Elementary School 970
Coyote Creek Elementary School 966
Golden View Elementary School 956
Bollinger Canyon Elementary School 944
Neil Armstrong Elementary School 940
Montevideo Elementary School 930
Quail Run Elementary School 929
Walt Disney Elementary School 909
Country Club Elementary School 900
Twin Creeks Elementary School 882
San Ramon Middle School 2011 API Score
Gale Ranch Middle School 943
Iron Horse Middle School 930
Pine Valley Middle School 916
Windemere Ranch Middle School 966


San Ramon High School 2011 API Score
California High School 888
Dougherty Valley High School 921


San Ramon School District Basic Information

1. San Ramon Union School District Locator ( Elementary & Middle & high school ). Click Here

The link that provides here helps you find out which elementary and middle school district serves a particular street address or land parcel.

2. San Ramon School SARC. Click Here

SAPR report is provided by the California public schools annually. The purpose of this report is to provide information about themselves to the community allowing the public to evaluate and compare schools for student achievement, environment, resources, and demographics.

3. San Ramon Union School District Map. Click Here

4. For other information about the San Ramon Union School District. Click Here


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Why Choose San Ramon?

The potential for an increase in property value

New neighborhood

Houses with large size

Chinese community is developing rapidly