Evergreen School District

The Evergreen area of San Jose, California, is a large district of Southeast San Jose, bounded by Tully Road to the north, US 101 to the west, San Felipe Road to the south and the East Foothills neighborhood on the eastern edge. The Zip Codes are:95148,95121, and 95135. The population is heavily Hispanic and Asian in most areas with a largely Asian and White population in the southeast. Western Evergreen neighborhoods tend to be lower-middle class with a major Hispanic population and small African Americans population, while the Eastern areas are middle-class and a major Asian and small White population. The western areas of Evergreen are some of the higher crime areas of San Jose compared to the eastern areas. The southeastern area is home to the wealthy Silver Creek Valley County Club which is located in the southeast.


Evergreen Elementary School 2011 API Score
Tom Matsumoto Elementary School 981
James F. Smith Elementary School 956
Carolyn A. Clark Elementary School 943
Evergreen Elementary School 927
Norwood Creek Elementary School 900
Millbrook Elementary School 864
Cadwallader Elementary School 861
Laurelwood Elementary School 855
Holly Oak Elementary School 839
Cedar Grove Elementary School 822
O.B. Whaley Elementary School 815
Dove Hill Elementary School 806
John J. Montgomery Elementary School 794


Evergreen Middle School 2011 API Score
Chaboya Middle School 924
Quimby Oak Middle School 852





Evergreen High School 2011 API Score
Evergreen Valley High School 863
Silver Creek High 787

Evergreen School District Basic Information

1. Evergreen School District Locator ( Elementary & Middle school ). Click Here

  • The link  that provides here helps you find out which elementary and middle school district serves a particular street address or land parcel.

2. East Side Union High School District School Finder  (High school ). Click Here

  • The link that provides here helps you find out which high school district serves a particular street or land parcel.

3. Evergreen School SARC Report.  Click Here

  • SAPR report is provided by the California public schools annually. The purpose of this report is to provide information about themselves to the community allowing the public to evaluate and compare schools for student achievement, environment, resources, and demographics.

4. For other information about the Evergreen school district. Click Here

Evergreen Village Square

Why Choose Evergreen ?

  • New Houses & Neighborhood
  • School scores keep increasing for 5 years
  • Traffic to 101, 280 & 880