Almaden Valley School District

Almaden Valley School District

Almaden Valley (often just called Almaden) is an upper-class neighborhood of about 37,000 in the southwestern portion of San Jose, California, USA, roughly equivalent to the 95120 ZIP Code. The neighborhood is south east of the town of Los Gatos, west of the Santa Teresa neighborhood of San Jose and south of Coleman Ave. at the southern end of the Blossom Hill neighborhood of San Jose. As part of the Silicon Valley, the main industry in the neighborhood is now high technology research and development; IBM Almaden Research Center is located there. The neighborhood is primarily upper middle-class, with homes owned by local professionals, scientists, athletes, and Silicon Valley executives.

Almaden Elementary School 2011 API Score
Williams Elementary 973
Simonds Elementary 963
Graystone Elementary 951
Los Alamitos Elementary 924
Booksin Elementary 918
Willow Glen Elementary 856
Schallenberger Elementary 854
Rachel Carson Elementary 847
Reed Elementary 844
Hammer Montessori at Galarza Elementary 841
Terrell Elementary 831
Lowell Elementary 805
Washington Elementary 798
Anne Darling Elementary 793
Merritt Trace Elementary 792
Grant Elementary 789
Almaden Elementary School 782
Canoas Elementary School 776

 Almaden Valley School District Basic Info

Almanden Middle School 2011 API
Bret Harte Middle 920
Castillero Middle 795





Almanden High School 2011 API
Leland High 895
Pioneer High 828

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