“Bill provides timely information with paying attention to detail. Extensive knowledge, familiar with market trend and responsible to the client. Good personality with friendly and patient attitude.”

---Daisy Wang (refinance client,  Sunnyvale)

“I've known youzhong for many years, he is friendly, kind, intelligent on what he doing for helping people, as a Realtor & Loan Consultant, he is passionate, knowledgeable and considered also.”

---Dennis Xie  (Bill's friend, Fremont)

“Bill provided very competitive Mortgage rates and excellent customer service. He personally assisted me through every step of the loan process and helped me solve all the met trouble. I am very pleased with his service!”

---- Keila Song (Refinance client,  Milpitas)

“Youzong took care of my refinancing and did a great job. I collaborated with him on a few community events, when I got to know him as hard-working, trustworthy, detail oriented and a great communicator. That's why I chose him to take care of my refinancing. He proved I was right. He watched the rate for me and recommended the right timing. He looked into every issue and communicated to me clearly. When the lender made an unexpected change, he handled with integrity.”

---- Qinggang Zhou (refinance client,  Belmont)

“Bill is a fantastic agent.I have a very good experience of purchasing my first home.”

---Jackie Wen (buyer,  San Jose)

“I am amazed by his work ethic and care. If you give yourself a chance to cooperate with him, you will put your 100% trust on him because of his professional service.”

----Alisa Wang (seller,  Union City)

“Bill is a great agent. He is very knowledgeable about the current market. Actually my husband and I just moved from another state and have no idea of what types of areas we are looking for. After talking with Bill, the problem has been addressed very well. Now we already moved in the new house and are enjoying our new life here. We think we did a right choice! We really appreciate you, Bill! Good job, Bill!”

----Andrew Zhang(relocation buyer,  Mountain View)

“Bill was my real estate agent and he helped me found and purchased the house in 2010 in San Jose. He is not only knowledgeable in this area also very patient. Anyway, in 4 month, he showed me many houses and helped me made about 3 offers to buy, and then got the house that I really like. I recommend him as a good Buyer agent!!!”

--- Alex Yao (buyer, San Jose)

“Bill is a wonderful agent. Actually we have encountered some difficult & unexpected issues during the purchase, but we finally got through all these difficulties with help of Bill. We strongly recommend Bill to all buyers.”

---Christopher Wu (buyer,  Fremont)

开始我对地产投资一点不懂, 看朋友都买房子了自己也想买, 就找Bill 的投资团队咨询了一下,后来参加房地产投资讲座,了解了很多据哦投资的知识,对湾区可以投资的地方也有了进一步的了解。我觉得他的房地产的投资分析做得不 错,有一定深度。对我印象最深刻的是他们的态度很好,我问了一大堆问题, 当时我老是怕把人问烦了,但Bill, Jerry 他们都很耐心的给我讲每一个问题。 ,找态度好,服务到位,有能深入了解地产和投资的经纪人, 给bill就是其中一个!

---Allan Liu (investor, Fremont)

“Choosing Bill as my agent, you can SAVE time and SAVE money!”

--- Nick Huang  (seller, Milpitas)

“We choose Bill as our listing agent. He made multiple visits to our house to make sure he and his team staged everything perfectly. My wife and I even did not want to leave, since the staging he and his team did is modern, tasteful and look much better than the same place two week prior. He was also there to supervise the home inspections and the repairs!!Finally we sold our house for above asking price and within a week of listing! Since Bill advertised our house in multiple ways we are lucky to get around 40 people to our open house the first weekend

--- Arianna Huang  (seller,  Cupertino)

作为首次买房者,我们很幸运地选择Bill作为房产代理, 他以及他的团队确实为我们提供全面且专业的服务。在合作的过程中,他以及他的团队为我们提供了不少好的房源,在贷款过程中,也很及时且准时为我们lock较低的贷款利率,最重要的是,我认为bill是个市场感觉很好的且信息面很广的agent,他給我们的若干建议, 目前回头看都是正确且实用的。

--- Helen Yang & David Kang   (buyer,  Fremont)

“When we purchased our house, the rate at that time was 3.875%. Later we got a call from Bill, and he told us we can refinance. The only thing we need to do is providing two documents to him, and he will take care of rest of issue. Three weeks later, we got our new rate approved, which is 2.625%! BTW, for our refinance service, we DID NOT PAY ANY PENNY! REALLY NO POINT, NO FEE!”

---Sophia Wang(purchasing finance client, San Jose )

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